NextGen Commercial Energy


Traditional Pyrolysis technology is a one stage process. It is designed and engineered to handle only one kind of uniform organic material during the same process. Also, it has to change the thermal condition to match the uniform organic material, or it cannot completely crack or decompose the organic matter leaving a carbon residue containing an organic composition. As a result, these products are not marketable to industry and the reason most Pyrolysis systems are only used on materials such as used tires, rubber, and plastics.

AATS (ADVANCED ACTIVATED THERMOLYSIS SYSTEM) is the state-of-the-art, Patent pending, 5thGeneration Technology incorporates a combination of steam, direct heat, indirect heat and fast pyrolysis, ensuring a complete penetration of the feedstock and a complete separation of the constituent elements . Further, the application of a unique condensing system ensures that the three elements remain separated and dioxins and furans do not form. Additionally, the use of steam helps to make the ATS one of the safest systems in the market place by reducing fire hazard and eliminating the need for vacuum pumps.

Highlights of the AATS system:

  • leading edge, safe and efficient Thermolysis system.
  • continuous production system requiring no additional fuel once the system commences operation.
  • 30% energy saving over other competitive systems.
  • Production of a higher quality of products than competitive Pyrolytic systems.
  • Continuous Pyrolytic system, having a high production rate.
  • Unique multi-purpose Pyrolytic system.
  • Incorporates a unique three stage process in one system thereby eliminating production of hazardous products.