Biochar is a solid material obtained from thermo chemical conversion of carbon based biomass in an oxygen-limited environment. It is a pure form of


Activated Carbon

  • We can clean the world with Activated carbon.
  • Activated carbons have a microcrystalline structure.
  • Activated


Carbon Black

Carbon Black is mainly used as a reinforcement agent in the manufacture of rubber tires, but it is also used as a pigment.

AATS technology


Bio Oil

Bio-oil can be used in industrial and other heating applications.

The bio-oil generated by the AATS has less moisture than that of competin


Green Diesel

Light fuel oil similar to diesel fuel with Sulphur content as low as 0.3% is produced without the use of a catalyst. Hence, commanding a higher sel



The SYNGAS produced is used on site to power generators and dryers.

The SYNGAS produced using AATS technology can be converted to valuable