Biochar is a solid material obtained from thermo chemical conversion of carbon based biomass in an oxygen-limited environment. It is a pure form of charcoal and because of its porous structure and carbon content it has a myriad of uses and benefits.

Biochar will regenerate soil and optimize water retention capacity and fertility. Biochar will store CO2 in the soilsrather than allowing it to pollute our atmosphere.

Biochar plays vital role in farming, livestock farming, and biogas production, decontamination of soil and natural water, waste water and sewage treatment and treatment of drinking water. Biochar usage is significant in industries like Textile, Food, and Wellness, Electronics, Metallurgy, Cosmetics, Medicine and Energy production

Wood biomass is organic material from plants. Wood biomass contains stored energy from the Sun. Plants absorb the Sun’s energy in a process called photosynthesis. The chemical energy in plants can be converted to hydrocarbons. Biomass is the renewable energy source, because, we can always grow more trees and crops.

Biochar from wood biomass using our AATS technology will be highly quality product with ASTM standards.