About Us

NextGen Commercial Energy

NCEPL promoted by highly experienced and diversified team to perform in the global market place of hydro carbon products and services competitively.

Corporate capabilities including concept to commissioning (C2C) of Waste to Energy facilities, biomass to hydrocarbons, energy recover from Landfills, sludge and sewage treatment, Liquid Fuel and Chemical Production from different kinds of wastes, bio-medical waste safe disposal etc.

NCEPL Principals have extensive experience in Thermolysis technologies and equipment manufacturing, energy engineering, mechanical design, thermal analysis, plant instrumentation, site engineering and safety, Plant Design and Lay-out for manufacturing and processing etc.


The Company’s mission is to make available its high-quality and high-efficiency Waste conversion Technology to Governments, Communities, Industries to solve the environmental challenges associated with waste disposal.

​By converting organic wastes into marketable products, the Company’s technology mitigates the depletion of our natural resources while enriching our economy, our community and especially our environment. At the same time our technology generates an attractive return on capital invested by our investors and Joint Venture (JV) partners.​

To establish first of its kind in India Renewable Energy Parks across India to produce and market hydro carbons using local wood biomass and other wastes to strengthen the Indian Farmers and Communities